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I’ve recently finished a two month project, working on the redesign of a major hairdressing website. It’s been a great project, working with gorgeous imagery and a very creative client. At the beginning of the project myself and a colleague spoke to a selection of hairdressers to better understand their industry and asked them where they go to be inspired? It was at this point that I heard the name Angelo Seminara for the first time. After a quick google search, I could easily understand why his name was mentioned. Angelo’s work goes beyond conventional hairdressing, transcending any normal limitations and expectations of his industry.

Angelo is appropriately represented by Streeters, who manage the best of the best in the world of hairdressing, make-up, styling, set design and photography, which is no wonder considering he was nominated for the Best Hairdresser Of The Year 2014 awards.

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Alex MacLean

Alex MacLean is fine art aerial photographer, who soars the earth shooting remote and abstract landscapes. His body of work contain a spectacular ensemble of texture, colour, shape and pattern all  formed from a diverse range of man made and natural objects. I personally love the deserting collection, as shown in the final image above.

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I present you with the intriguing and melancholic work of elusive artist Xhxix. Hailing from Japan, he claims to be nothing more than an ‘ordinary and dull human‘ preferring to remain anonymous.

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It was so sad to hear about the recent passing of Massimo Vignelli. I’ve been watching this video on repeat all week – such an inspiring couple.

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Fideli Sundqvist

I’ve been designing a new stage set for an upcoming award ceremony in London and I have gone a bit paper-prop mad, it’s going to be wonderful (I hope). That’s how I discovered this beautiful paper art and prop design from Swedish Fideli Sundqvist. Her work is just lovely, especially this series for Papier Mache, a lovely online childrens magazine.

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Margaret Howel

Margaret Howell is a British fashion and home ware brand that excels in simplicity, quality and craftsmanship – this becomes instantly apparent when wondering around any of their shop floors. The brand is understated, yet quietly confident and gives the impression that it’s comfortable within its skin and not particularly driven by fashion hype. I have no doubt that Margaret Howell will have an incredibly loyal group of followers, targeted at those who love quality, longevity and a great product story.

So as heat wave days (of 17 degree) steadily approach us here in London, I can help but hope that I might soon be wearing my very own straw hat, denim dress and plaid shirt. All perfect for long British Summer days.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

This coming Friday 7 March is the official UK release date of The Grand Budapest Hotel as directed by Wes Anderson.

I personal believe that Wes Anderson is brilliant, but from what I can gather this may be his finest hour yet.

I feel a little weak at the knees as I get lost in the films awe-inspiring site and watch the films official trailer. Everything about this movie looks exceptional – fingers crossed I’ll be watching it before the week is out.

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Humans of New York

A friend sent me a link to Humans of New York earlier this week, it’s a very sweet ‘street style’ blog that has a lot of personality and positivity injected into it.

As the Vimeo write up explains, “The blog was created by Brandon Stanton who moved to New York in 2010. As an amateur photographer, he was fascinated by the crowds of characters throughout the city. He began to take street portraits of the people he met and shared them in an album on his timeline named, Humans of New York.”

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Wearable Technology

I’ve been meaning to post on wearable technology for some time as numerous articles have been landing in my inbox of late.

It’s an interesting area, full of speculation and anticipation. Personally, I do agree that the ‘ah-ha’ product is yet to come, where we see beautiful fashion mix with cutting-edge technology. I plan to keep my eye on Intel and their ‘Make it Wearable‘ campaign, especially as I recently read that they’re aligning themselves with fashion heavyweights; Opening Ceremony and Barneys - see related BoF article for details.

I’ve also enjoyed reading an article by Shane Snow on ‘The Problem with Wearable Technology‘ and seeing what The Creators Project had to say about things on their blog.

As a side note, if you’re reading this and live in the US you could sign up to ‘The Glass Explorer Program‘ and help google shape the future – that might be fun. Speaking of fun, have you seen the Necomimi ears? Would you wear them? After the initial novelty wears off I’m really not so sure.


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Maiko Takeda

These millinery pieces by Maiko Takeda from her collection Atmospheric Reentry blow my mind. Such beautiful use of space, colour, texture and material. Great art direction and photography also.

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