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The Runners

The Runners is a short film by Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley, who spend a year following and interviewing runners around Victoria Park, London.

A friend sent me the link hoping that the two of us might appear in the background at some point. We don’t, but never-the-less the film is a beautiful reflection of the lives of those who visit the park and the seasons it has to embrace. If you’ve ever visited the park, I’m sure you’ll love watching this short.

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It was so sad to hear about the recent passing of Massimo Vignelli. I’ve been watching this video on repeat all week – such an inspiring couple.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

This coming Friday 7 March is the official UK release date of The Grand Budapest Hotel as directed by Wes Anderson.

I personal believe that Wes Anderson is brilliant, but from what I can gather this may be his finest hour yet.

I feel a little weak at the knees as I get lost in the films awe-inspiring site and watch the films official trailer. Everything about this movie looks exceptional – fingers crossed I’ll be watching it before the week is out.

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Do you live in London and have no immediate plans for the coming weekend? If so, may I suggest you book to see Opus at the Barbican. After seeing the show last night we left on an adrenalin high, in owe of what the human body is capable of.

Opus is a dance between chamber music (Debussy String Quartet) and contemporary circus (Circa) and results in the most beautiful, heart-stopping, hypnotic, gasp worthy act. The show ends this Saturday, so you best be quick.

If you need more convincing or aren’t able to make the live event you can watch it here.

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Humans of New York

A friend sent me a link to Humans of New York earlier this week, it’s a very sweet ‘street style’ blog that has a lot of personality and positivity injected into it.

As the Vimeo write up explains, “The blog was created by Brandon Stanton who moved to New York in 2010. As an amateur photographer, he was fascinated by the crowds of characters throughout the city. He began to take street portraits of the people he met and shared them in an album on his timeline named, Humans of New York.”

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Wearable Technology

I’ve been meaning to post on wearable technology for some time as numerous articles have been landing in my inbox of late.

It’s an interesting area, full of speculation and anticipation. Personally, I do agree that the ‘ah-ha’ product is yet to come, where we see beautiful fashion mix with cutting-edge technology. I plan to keep my eye on Intel and their ‘Make it Wearable‘ campaign, especially as I recently read that they’re aligning themselves with fashion heavyweights; Opening Ceremony and Barneys - see related BoF article for details.

I’ve also enjoyed reading an article by Shane Snow on ‘The Problem with Wearable Technology‘ and seeing what The Creators Project had to say about things on their blog.

As a side note, if you’re reading this and live in the US you could sign up to ‘The Glass Explorer Program‘ and help google shape the future – that might be fun. Speaking of fun, have you seen the Necomimi ears? Would you wear them? After the initial novelty wears off I’m really not so sure.


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This is just so good. Bring on the end of October for the full album.

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Supper Club

Last Saturday night I spent a wonderful evening inside a greenhouse in Dalston, as Costa Blanca Maritime supper club was launched by host Javier Leal. The setting for this supper club was more intimate than others I have attended, with a total of 15 people (approximately) coming along. The smaller crowd meant that each of the 8 courses could be loving prepared and presented; each was delicious, with my favourite being the stewed pork cheeks with dried apricots and red wine. The evening wrapped up around midnight and I was so incredibly full that I decided the hour walk home would do me the world of good, which it did.

Photos come courtesy Guan Leong and Shaeron Yapp.

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The Avant Garde Diaries

The Avant Garde Diaries is a site that dedicates its time to the curation of weekly interviews with extraordinary people and is now proving to be one of life’s little distractions. Standouts include but are not limited to; product designer Ana Kraš, dancer Michaela Deprince and rock duo ‘Unlocking The Truth’.

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The History Of Typeography

A friend from work sent me a link to this lovely stop-motion animation on The History of Typography. If you’re a design / type geek I’m sure you’ll appreciate the sentiment.

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