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Alexander McKay

Alexander McKay

Road trips, I love a good road trip. Nothing beats hours of driving with excellent friends – blissful day dreaming; out the window conversation that goes from shallow choices of which road side stop suits our itinerary best to sharing my deepest ideas, thoughts and questions. I am sure it is something to do with being trapped in a confined space (hopefully with people you like) and watching the world go by at speed. Invigorating. Deep chit chat, that is what road trips are for.

And every good road trip needs an equally good playlist.

That is where this lovely bearded gentleman comes to the party (and no, not just for his beard). I’m very excited to hear the new sounds from British singer/songwriter Alexander McKay, his husky vocals are sure to be a hit no matter who’s in the passenger seat. His lyrics are thoughtful and heartfelt. Go on, get lost in that slide guitar, sing along with those delightfully rich husky vocals – turn it up, wind down the windows and enjoy.

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