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Alexander McKay

Road trips, I love a good road trip. Nothing beats hours of driving with excellent friends – blissful day dreaming; out the window conversation that goes from shallow choices of which road side stop suits our itinerary best to sharing my deepest ideas, thoughts and questions. I am sure it is something to do with being trapped in a confined space (hopefully with people you like) and watching the world go by at speed. Invigorating. Deep chit chat, that is what road trips are for.

And every good road trip needs an equally good playlist.

That is where this lovely bearded gentleman comes to the party (and no, not just for his beard). I’m very excited to hear the new sounds from British singer/songwriter Alexander McKay, his husky vocals are sure to be a hit no matter who’s in the passenger seat. His lyrics are thoughtful and heartfelt. Go on, get lost in that slide guitar, sing along with those delightfully rich husky vocals – turn it up, wind down the windows and enjoy.

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Ricki Hall

So, we met Ricki Hall in Covent Garden last weekend to buy one of the t-shirts he’s just released in collaboration with P&Co. He was a very nice chap and had a lovely soft beard that he supposedly conditions regularly. During our little outing, we also wondered into Murdock London, another great destination for any modern day man of style.

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London’s (wonderful) weekend heat wave left me wondering (a number of times) ‘where in the world am I?’

The past few days have encompassed this wonderful trip-down-(heat-induced)-memory-lane. I felt at times transported through a veil of thick humidity into past Asian adventures; dining in Balinese mountain top cafe’s, sifting my way through a Malaysian marketplace, bargaining over some satay skewers and a coconut to that week-before-Christmas ‘let’s get ready for a camping trip’ Australian feeling. Things I haven’t thought about in a while. It’s been great.

So, Monday morning, back at my desk, clouds looming I was pining for two things – firstly a dog (not really heat induced… I am just going through a ‘dog faze’ right now) and secondly some summery sounds. Thanks to this Real Estate clip I get everything and more.

Happy Summer.

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Wild Beasts

Another year older, another band I’ve fallen for.

It was my birthday last Friday. Thursday evening brought about the familiar unease I feel before this annual age increase; the anxious tick-tick-ticking of experiences gained, opportunities lost.

Pre-empting some sort of emotional low, I had bought birthday-eve tickets to see Wild Beasts for Captain and I to enjoy. It was the best gift I could have given myself, the gift of… distraction; a short-term solution, my remedy of choice; gorgeous men, singing gorgeous melodies. The bands lovely ‘Northerner’ approachability was endearing, their tight set was incredible. I think it may be, wait for it, the best show I have seen.

If you don’t know Wild Beasts, get acquainted. Their beautifully spacious melodies will get your feet tapping and leave your head swirling. Don’t even try to figure out which of the two vocalists you prefer, you might think you have decided which is your favourite, but then the next one will take over a melody line and your back at square one – awestruck.

Looking at the dates for their current tour, they are playing at my favourite Melbourne venue, The Corner in July next year. Get yourself a ticket and dreamily fall in love a little. I know I did.

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Bryan John Appleby

I’m learning that writing a song is one thing, writing an album is another. Just like producing a single painting, which can be created quickly and without much thought; coordinating a whole body of work to function cohesively for an exhibition is something completely different. It’s much more challenging and gives the opportunity to fully explore and develop an idea.

I am always interested in other people’s creative processes, this week I came across a lovely video of Bryan John Appleby by Sound on the Sound documenting his writing inspiration in the apartment he wrote his album Fire on the Vine.

My heart may have raced a little at the sight of his lovely beard too; Captain will be very happy.

His album is half price this week, only $5, no excuses, buy it.

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Adam Kleeberger

Being an Australian, people often ask me about sport hoping to hear my personal reflection on a recent match, I of course have no idea what they’re talking about and have to quickly explain that I grew up in family of four girls. This morning however, the rugby player Adam Kleeberger was featured in the Metro and for the first time in my life time, I actually payed attention to a sports related article.

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Paul Smith AW11

It’s confession time – as briefly touched upon by The Cook, it is true that Captain & The Cook have a weakness for facial hair and yes we intend to blog about it. The above examples come courtesy of Paul Smiths AW11 range.  They are marvelous examples of modern day men who know how to work the look well. Men, please be inspired.

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Its a special moment when you come across a brand who’s styling you can align with your own taste. That’s why I got so excited when I saw the latest offerings from Scotch & Soda; the colours are beautiful and get me feeling excited about the approaching cold weather. I have had my eye on their cocoon coat for months now, and with the cold change this week I am ready to place that order!

When perusing their site make sure you check out their men’s range too (FYI I am in love with one of their male models, the one with the beard – marry me!). Their children’s range is also stunning, I’m looking forward to purchasing something sweet for my niece and nephew.

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